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Начало Макетни модели HG 1/144 YMS-07B-0 GOUF Tactical Demontrator

YMS-07B-0 GOUF Tactical Demontrator

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Макетен модел YMS-07B-0 GOUF Tactical Demontrator

Серии    :   Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSV

Мащаб  :    1/144  HG

Производител   :    Bandai

Сглобяване без лепило.

Ниво: начинаещи

- Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSV planning [Mobile Suit Discovery] first edition appeared! Unlock the development of genealogy Gouf!

- Can be exchanged arms has become the attachment structure. Also, common specifications and attachment mechanism Mobile worker (provisional).
- Mechanism of joint Meets THE ORIGIN Zaku series, achieving high mobile performance. It can be a variety of poses. Open the chest, by the wide range of motion, such as a shoulder root, it is achieved with a high degree of freedom posing performance.
- Heat Hawk, also various armed, such as heat-rod included! A heat Hawk to be mounted on the back of the shield.

- Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN Mobile Suit Discovery and ... are deployed in the world of [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN], mechanical of the historical research with a focus on MS that also was not revealed until this while drawing the MS development secret story It is planning.

- Accessories:

  • heat-rod,
  • shield,
  • replacement Mobile worker forearm,
  • heat Hawk (hand-held),
  • heat Hawk (mount)