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Guntank Early Type

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Макетен модел Guntank Early Type

Серии    :   Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN MSV

Мащаб  :    1/144  HG

Производител   :    Bandai

Сглобяване без лепило.

Ниво: начинаещи

- The [beat'll ...] Infant day of Char - shooting scene of Casval is impressive Guntank early type appearance become HG!

- Appeared in the [Mobile Suit Gundam THE ORIGIN I of blue eyes Casval], Guntank early type to show the presence in the main visual appeared become HG. `Combat vehicle` seems profound form, while also reproduced detail and attention to detail, to achieve a variety of actions.
- Gun barrel angle adjustable. In addition, when the gun barrel movable to reproduce the expansion and contraction moving gimmick of divers.
- Waist, arms, and realize the caterpillar parts such as wide range of motion. Shooting posture in which twisted the waist in the same way in the play also possible addition, caterpillar parts angle of adjustment possible.

- Distinctive caterpillar also reproduces the detail of the drive portion and internal wheel.
· Endless track of the caterpillar, the `` sagging also faithfully reproduced.
· Caterpillar can be opened before or after `` figure-eight.

- Each armor part, of course, attention to detail down to the caterpillar, precisely to reproduce the detail.
Hatch in front of the vehicle part can reproduce the opening and closing in the replacement.
-Vehicle part reproduces the opening part of the heat dissipation slit backward.