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Начало Име GUNDAM Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

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Макетен модел Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann

Серии    :   Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Height: approx 220mm.

Производител   :    Sen-Ti-Nel

Transcendental Spiral / Super-dreadnought] is a mega-sized bomb!

--From the anime [Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann], [Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann] is now a 22 cm large plastic kit!
――In addition to the 5 molding colors, the head and chest are already painted, so you can get a super-dreadnought [Super Galaxy Glen Lagann] in your hands just by assembling!
--You can recreate the [Super Galaxy Gigadrill Break] by removing the two Gigadrills that rise on both shoulders and attaching them to your arms again!
-Furthermore, special move parts [Glen Boomerang] and standing Nio [arm-folding parts] are also included.

--Set contents (when completed): Body, sunglasses (large), sunglasses (small), Glen boomeran, shoulder spikes (2), connection parts for super galaxy giga drill break, fists (left and right), open hands (left and right), grip Hands (left and right), arm assembly parts, stickers

--Design: T-REX