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Начало Макетни модели HG 1/144 HGUC RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam

HGUC RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam

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Макетен модел HGUC RX-93-ν2 Hi-ν Gundam

Серии    :   Mobile Suit Gundam

Мащаб  :    1/144  HG

Производител   :    Bandai

Ниво: Начинаещи, средно начинаещи


  • Hi-ν Gundam
    • Fin Funnel x6
    • Beam Saber hilt x2
    • Manipulators
      • Multipurpose weapon-holding hand (1 pair)
      • Trigger-finger hand (right only)
  • Beam Rifle
  • New Hyper Bazooka

Kit Features & Gimmicks


  • The head can rotate, tilt, and move forwards/backwards via a hinge and ball-joint neck.
  • The elbows and knees can bend up to about 135 degrees.

Weapons & Other Gimmicks

  • The Beam Rifle or Hyper Bazooka can be held in the right hand.
  • Two of the Fin Funnels can be detached and transformed into deployed mode. The remaining ones are static.
  • Storage hatches on the backpack can be opened/closed. The beam saber hilts can be stored in these when not in use.
  • A beam saber can be held in each hand. They can be configured in multiple ways:
    • Single saber with long beam blade.
    • Single saber with short beam blade (can be dual-wielded with the other saber).
    • Both beam blades attached to each end of a single hilt. In this mode, only one can be formed as only two beam blades are provided.
  • Shield can be mounted on the left forearm.

Tips & Tricks

  • For better results, most/some of the details are needed to be applied/panel-lined with Gundam Markers and/or Mr. Color paints.
  • Topcoat (Mr. Hobby recommended) can be used to protect applied paint and decals, if any.