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Начало Име GUNDAM MG Gundam Astray Sengoku 1/100

MG Gundam Astray Sengoku 1/100

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Макетен модел MG Gundam Astray Sengoku 1/100

Серии    :    Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Мащаб  :    1/100  MG

Производител   :    Bandai

Ниво: Напреднали, средно средно напреднали

Sengoku Astray in the Master Grade quality that fans have been waiting for has arrived Based on the Red Frame Astray, the Sengoku Astray is coated with heavier metal than the original Red Frame and is designed as a 1/100 scale set. The armor and shoulder shield are equipped with gimmicks and the kit is color-accurate with plated and clear parts, and includes decals for smaller details. The Sengoku Yoroi shoulder armor can be deployed, used to give Sengoku Astray two additional sword-wielding arms, or as a weapon to increase the power of Astray's fists. The Oni Tate shield can be deployed to the host as a rear guard or as an arm-mounted shield, and the shield's 'mouth' can be opened The Kotetsu and Kiku-ichimonji katanas have chrome-plated blades! Recreate the dual blade fighting style and use shoulder armor that can be used as an additional weapon or knuckle weapon, and a scabbard on the shoulder armor This Suit is revised from Red Frame, along with custom Kotetsu and Kiku-ichimonji katanas

Product information Level: MG Requires self-installation

Scale: 1/100

Accessories included

Kiku-ichimonji katana sword x1

Kotetsu katana sword x1

Demon Face Shield x1

Color correction stickers Decal sticker x1