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MG Gundam Kyrios

Цена: 114.99лв.
ДСК Директ цена: 109.24лв.
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    1.350 кг

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Макетен модел MG Gundam Kyrios

Серии    :   Mobile Suit Gundam 00

Мащаб  :    1/100  MG

Производител   :    Bandai

Ниво: Напреднали, средно средно напреднали


  • ・ GN beam submachine gun × 1
  • ・ GN hand missile unit × 2
  • ・ Wireless grip × 2
  • ・ GN beam saber × 2
  • ・ GN shield x 1
  • ・ Foil seal × 1
  • ・ Marking seal × 1
  • ・ PP sheet x 1


Характеристики на комплекта:

-From [Mobile Suit Gundam OO] [Gundam Curious] to MG based on the latest draft by Mr. Takayuki Yanase!

-In accordance with the original setting, a frame common to MG 1/100 Gundam Dunames is adopted.
-Reproduce the transformation to MA form by frame structure!
-Locked shoulder armor and backpack nose in MA form to enhance form retention and provide a stable display.
-The hand parts reproduce the same deformation mechanism as animation. Hand parts can be bent inward while holding the wireless grip in MA mode.
-The GN beam submachine gun connected to the arm joint is replaceable.
-Wireless grip can be attached to two weapons as set.
-GN shield can be deployed. Furthermore, various poses are possible by rotating the connection.
-GN hand missile unit can be equipped on the arm.


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