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Начало Макетни модели MG 1/100 MG E MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam

MG E MVF-X08 Eclipse Gundam

Цена: 127.99лв.
ДСК Директ цена: 121.59лв.
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    1.500 кг

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MG MVF-X08 Eclipse gundam

Мащаб:    1/100  MG
Производител   :   Bandai Spirits

Ниво: Напреднали



The Eclipse Gundam, featured in the manga "Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Eclipse", is now a stunning Master Grade kit from Bandai! Its proportions are kept as accurate as possible while still allowing for full posability; its various equipment is all included and can be attached via joint parts. The Saber Mode can be reproduced by attaching the beam effect to the grip parts of the rifle when separated, and clear parts for the left and right arm Beam Shields are also included. Original marking stickers are also included.


  • Beam rifle (x2)
  • Beam shield (x2)
  • Effect parts for beam saber (x2)
  • Effect parts for beam shield (x2)
  • Interchangeable hands (x5 types, left and right)
  • Joint set for Striker pack equipment
  • Joint set for Silhouette equipment
  • Joint set for Wizard equipment
  • Foil stickers
  • Marking stickers
  • Base for display

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